Hydrogen alpha channel only image of M42+M43 used to create the false color composite images. 184 seconds @ISO6400 with the "Naked CCD" D300 Nikon and my GSO RC6 with 0.75X focal reducer. Image was recorded on the morning of Sept the 13th. Notice how the heart of the Great Orion Nebula appears at a much higher luminosity and color scaling value at the Trapezium which is intensely irradiated by the cluster of stars making up Theta Orionis situated at the very center of the "hotspot". Much of this increased apparent color temperature is from additional sideband far red wavelengths still passing through the narrow band filter at high enough intensity to register "hot".Test shot of Alnitak plus the Flame and Horsehead Nebulae from Monday morning on the 21st... 121 seconds @ISO3200 as full color with my D90 and GSO RC6 + 0.75Xfocal reducer....Much improved V2 hopefully very soon!