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“A documentary about NASA’s yet-to-launch James Webb Space Telescope will premiere on two science-themed television channels in early 2016. Officials for the second White House Astronomy Night announced on Tuesday (Oct. 19) that the documentary, entitled “Telescope,” will air on both Discovery Channel and Science Channel as part of a special “Weekend of Science Programming.” The announcement was made at the astronomy event,┬áhosted by President Barack Obama, and confirmed in a statement from the Discovery Channel, obtained exclusively by Space.com.The $8.8 billion James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which is scheduled to blast off in late 2018, is touted as the successor to NASA’s venerable Hubble Space Telescope, which has been observing the heavens for 25 years. Some of Hubble’s major discoveries include nailing down the age of the universe, and finding that the expansion of the universe is accelerating…”

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